Downsizing is Hard…

…I won’t lie!

We have a few moves under our belt now with Mr. SA’s work, and a few moves equals some practice with purging.

But I’ll be honest…the purging from those moves didn’t prepare me for ‘this’ move.

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Adding Touches Of Home To A Temporary Space…

…may involve some dumpster diving…

…just sayin’! 

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On The Road Again…

…just can’t wait to get on the road again…

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Street Picking Chairs & Wise Owl Paint

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Well, I feel like we have a lot of catching up to do!  What started as the flu and then turned into antibiotic nastiness had me down and out and I feel like I missed St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, Easter, April Fools Day and a lot of Happy Fridays in between!  And you, I have missed you! 

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Saltwater Heals Everything!

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope that this week was kind to you!

Me…well I’m being held captive here by the flu bug…so, salt water is a fitting subject for this post!

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Street Picking Hope Chest

Hello Friends!

I have come out of hiding! 

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments on my Off The Grid post…it was comforting to know that I am not alone with this blogging/life balance struggle.  I think that finding the balance for me is the key to posting on this little old blog.

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Off The Grid…

…well, sort of!

I took a little blog break.  It wasn’t planned, I just sort of went off the grid.

Now it wasn’t all Grizzly Adams off the grid…

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Chocolate Love Lava Cakes

Happy Friday Friends!

Well, it’s almost here…Valentine’s Day that is, and who doesn’t like a day that celebrates chocolate?!

Seeing how chocolate is one of my favorite things out of the 4 food groups, I thought that I would bake up some chocolate goodness!

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The Blogs We Love Award

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of receiving a blog award from Mary at The Boondocks Blog.  It is an award given to ‘The Blogs We Love’.

I have been following Mary for some time now, she is sweet, supportive and kind and someone who you would truly be a friend with in real life, and not just through blogging.

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Simple & Pretty Shim Heart

Hello Sweets!

I thought that Sweets was a fitting word…seeing how Valentines Day is right around the corner!  Who doesn’t like a holiday that centers around Chocolate? 

Before Christmas I did a post on how I made some stars out of wooden shims here.  As I was making the stars I wondered if it would be possible to use the shims to make hearts?

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